Choices Hack and Game Review: A Perfect Game For Book Lovers

Choices: Stories You Play is an engrossing game as you can have complete control on it. In the game, you will come across several thousands of stories that can be read and played. These stories will progress only after you make some choices. So, pick them carefully, as the entire story will depend on the choices that you select. Are you ready to read some wonderful stories?


There are some special and interesting stories in the game that cannot be read for free. So, if you want to read them, then you need to spend Diamonds, which is the in-game currency. For reading each chapter of the story, you will need certain amount of Diamonds. However, earning them in the game is tough as you can earn a few amounts by completing a story or an achievement. One thing is for sure, you will always be falling short of them. To acquire plenty of Diamonds easily and quickly, you can either spend real money or make use of a reliable Choices Hack.


You will come across some stories in the game that are free to read in the beginning; but, as you get engrossed in them, you will require Keys to unlock the rest of the chapters. Keys are another form of in-game currency that can be used for unlocking chapters of some stories. You can procure Keys by using Choices Cheats or can purchase Keys from the game store by spending dollars. Whatever method you use, just ensure that you have enough Keys to read and play your favorite story easily!

Stories To Play:

Romance, adventure, action, suspense; you name it and you get it! There are varied genres of stories available in the game so you can pick any of them. Moreover, the gist of the story is mentioned in the beginning, so before you start playing, you can read that and then select a story that attracts you.

At a time, you can select one or more stories to read and play. Most of the players share their experiences with various stories on social media sites. You can read their feedback and then pick a story for yourself. Alternatively, you can even check out the most trending stories of the game.

Each story is divided into several chapters and in each chapter you will come across a few questions. You need to read and answer the questions accurately as the development of the story will be based on it. So, making the choice wisely is of utmost importance.

Overall, Choices: Stories You Play game is suitable for all gamers as there will be some story or the other that will impress you. Also, new stories are added to the game on a regular basis so you will never fall short of choices!