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Choices Stories You Play Hack 2019

Choices stories you Play is game from Pixelberry studios. The game is developed and designed with some great features and graphics. The gameplay is really interactive and you can download it from Google Play Store as well as from Apple App Store, our Choices Hack works for both devices as well.

It is a free to download game with the option of in-app purchases. The most loved fact about this game is unique ending. Every choice you made tend to offer you different ending so there is nothing particular. There are lots of stories to play and you need to take the decision. Every choice you made is always changing the story and you can’t go back in it.

Key and Diamond are two currencies in the game. Both can be acquired by various methods but if you want a good amount then in-app purchases is the option to help you out. It is not a good option because you can end up spending hundreds of dollars by this method. Instead of using this tool, you can rely on Choices hack option. Even it will provide the endless amount that won’t end ever.

How to collect Keys and Diamonds?

Choices Hack

As you know that currency is the primary factor in most of the games and if you are playing Choices Stories You Play then there are so many things that you have to do. In this Choices Stories You Play review, I am mentioning some of easy to follow methods that helped me progress faster and easier.

  • Keys are called as the primary currency and these play an important role to read chapters. If you have the shortage of keys then you may need to wait because these will be generated automatically in a couple of hours. As you go below two keys, the timer will start and provide keys for free.
  • Just by waiting for three hours, you can get the good amount of keys. However, there is no method to skip it up. In order to eradicate this issue, Choices Cheats can provide a great assistance. It is better option to go with and it is quite reliable to get rid of all the issues.
  • The curiosity will start increasing when the keys will end up and you may feel encouraged to spend money on the microtransactions but don’t do that. You can use your diamonds and convert these into keys. Diamond is premium currency and it is convertible so you get numerous benefits out of it
  • Even if you complete a mission then you are able to avail free keys in exchange. You are earning a small amount but it is helpful to play next chapter. Keep on completing missions and earning more keys to go well and progress with ease.
  • On the other hand, if you are pretty much good enough to complete chapters then you obtain diamonds. However, a chapter contains numerous stories and you will feel pretty much surrounded by lots of episodes. Keep on reading to complete all of them.

These are some basic methods that can help in earning more keys and diamond with ease. Even there are few more methods to help you out and earn a good amount in Choices stories you play the game.

Additional Methods

Completing missions and chapters will be a great thing to do and earn currencies but there are few more methods. The best method in all kind is to use alternative cheat apps that can provide you information like what will happen next. However, you should go for authenticated methods like using Choices Stories You Play cheats because it works better. Even getting sufficient amount of resources become easier. You get a great compatibility and you can earn sufficient amount with ease.  These are some of the effective methods that can help in faster performance.

Reading Premium Stories

There are so many awesome stories even there are premium ones also. Diamonds are required to play most of the premium stories. If you don’t have diamonds to read premium stories then there are various methods to earn a good amount. In order to get more diamonds, the in-app purchases option is highly used. This is the worst method to go with.

However, all the premium stories show the real fantasy and there are deep curiosity increasing stories and lot more. Even you are able to buy all the fancy clothes with the help of diamond. So, it is better to earn a good amount and buying clothes. You may feel encouraged to buy more resources as if you try the micro-transaction method so avoid it as much as you can. It isn’t a good and effective method.

Avoid Spam sources

Numerous websites are available online to provide you free diamond and keys but are they reliable to go with? Well, they aren’t because you can end up getting into issues by preferring them. It is better to go with sources that have positive reviews and doesn’t require any kind of download or money.

If a website asks for verification session and such other things then chances are higher about the fakeness of that website. You should avoid these sources and find a reliable one checking all the key factors.  The cheat program I mentioned in this article is easy to use and reliable due to numerous safety factors that’s why it is called as the most effective program to go with.

Final words

People who love to read fantasy, romantic, action and such other stories then this is one of the best game to try out. You become the part of a story then these games allow you that and you can choose the character in beginning. It makes this game best one in all kind and it is lightweight and run smoothly on all the devices. The simplicity is behind the popularity so you can try out this game.   Make sure to collect sufficient amount of keys and diamond with this amazin Choices Hack.

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8 thoughts on “Choices Stories You Play Hack

  1. I really liked game. It’s so entertaining, because you are able to choose of what you want to happen. I don’t want to stop yet my diamonds and keys ran out. That’s why I’m looking for a way to have more keys and diamonds. I hope this would help

  2. There seems to be so many cheats for this game but they never seem to work properly. Hopefully this one will be the key. This game would be great if you didnt have to use so many diamonds and keys. I’ve already spent a fortune on this game and i don’t want this it is worth spending more on despite the fact it is a good game.

  3. I need the diamonds because I want to make a choice, but I don’t have enough diamonds to make this decision..
    I really want to know what happens.
    This tool is awesome and helps me yoo enjoy the game even more. Thank you very much

  4. This is really cool! I need the keys for the freshman book. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet. Yeet.

  5. This is awesome itreally is awesome i need it to work because i have no diamonds and i need really cute outfits for my game and i really need to keep playing i dont want to quit but might have to if this does not work

  6. Testing the free diamonds and keys option. Will keep you updated if it works. Thanks for giving us free diamonds and keys.

  7. Choices is the best game ever. You get to choose what happens next and who you will end up with or on what adventure you will go. The choices you make have different outcomes that makes the game very exiting. I need more diamonds so that i can look my best on my new adventure

  8. I absolutely love this game. I’m not even really big on sitting around reading books for fun. But I’m completely addicted to this game. Definately a huge fan

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